woensdag 30 mei 2007

Nieuwe tekening The New Yorker

On moors magazine of May 17th another great drawing from The New Yorker.

Op moors magazine van 17 mei weer een mooie nieuwe tekening uit The New Yorker.

Tentoonstelling; Joost Swarte Chapitres

Currently a new exhibition with about 350 pieces of his work can be seen in "Le Centre de La Gravure", La Louvière, Belgium from May 5th 2007 till August 19th 2007. I have not been there myself yet but I am planning to go this summer. Have you been there?

Momenteel is er een nieuwe tentoonstelling met meer dan 350 stukken van zijn werk in "Le Centre de La Gravure", La Louvière, Belgie van 5 mei tot en met 19 augustus 2007. Ik ben er zelf nog niet geweest maar ben wel van plan te gaan. Ben jij er al geweest?

Galerie Tanya Rumpff

For the Galerie Tanya Rumpff (http://www.galerietanyarumpff.nl/) in Haarlem Joost made this flyer showing I believe a familiar drawing of the globe where Day and Night with the keys to ??

The beginning

This is the first message on this Joost Swarte blog. I'm not sure if Joost himself will have any obligations against me making this blog about him, but as his official website (www.joostswarte.com) is not showing much news lately I would say this should not be a problem.

I myself are just a simple fan of his work and hope to catch and share any interesting news you have on his work for and from you